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ImageFilter class hierarchy

Filters allow you to produce a new image. This is typically done by applying a mathematical algorithm to the source image.

Hand-point.png Image Filter demo


Built In Types

Lienzo comes with a variety of built-in image filters. They can be used out of the box to create a number of effects for images.

Average Gray Scale

Hand-point.png Gray Scale

Hand-point.png Average Gray Filter Javadoc


Hand-point.png Blur Filter Javadoc


Valid brightness values are between -1 and 1.

Hand-point.png Brightness Filter Javadoc

Color Luminosity

The color luminosity filter allows for a color to be passed in and be used during the creation of the filter. The color can be a valid CSS Color String or IColor (i.e. Color or Hand-point.png ColorName Javadoc).

Hand-point.png Color Hand-point.png ColorName Javadoc Hand-point.png Color Luminosity Filter Javadoc

Lightness Gray

Hand-point.png Lightness Gray Filter Javadoc

Luminosity Gray

Hand-point.png Luminosity Gray Filter Javadoc

RGB Ignore Alpha

Hand-point.png RGB Ignore Filter Javadoc


Hand-point.png RGB Filter Javadoc

Channel Brightness

Hand-point.png Filter Channel Brightness Filter Javadoc

Create your own filters

It is very simple to create your own filter. All you have to do is:

Hand-point.png ImageDataFilter Javadoc

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